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Last night I watched some of a show about scars and how they happened on MTV. I was flipping from Mindfreak, which is a real thrill-a-minute, and found a show that made me grind my teeth and my spine shiver and go, "Eeeewww!" over and over. It was one of the best shows I've seen on TV in some time.

Smallville is our latest dirty secret. We've gone back to our WB roots, sadly, and taken Declan with us. He likes parts of shows, rather than the whole thing, but it has become a family affair, a dinnertime treat.

Sarah is huge. With the way that this pregnancy has treated her so far, I sometimes think that she's going to crack apart physically, like a leg fall off, or the baby grow so large her pelvis fractures. I know, it's mostly paranoia, but an 18 lbs. baby does not seem that far off the mark.

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When I was a kid Dad got us all hooked on Star Trek The Next Generation. I don't know how many Saturday nights we spent eating Pizza Hut and watching that show. Good memories!

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